I have a friend whose trademark exclamation is "squeeeee!" I had to borrow it when I saw this tweet.
Endorsements have been coming in for Very Married, and there's just nothing quite like people you deeply admire saying glowing things about your book. So far we've received endorsements from Kelly Flanagan, Sarah Bessey, Amy Julia Becker, and Seth Haines. And, of course, Eugene Peterson. (The foreword is so lovely I can hardly handle it.)

Advance Reader Copies will be printed next week. These are the not-yet-copyedited galleys that go to various media outlets. It's a scary, exciting step toward publication. If you're down with the "writing a book is like having a baby" metaphor, it's the equivalent of getting a 4D ultrasound photo that resembles an actual book/baby.

One more time now: SQUEEEEE!

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