I cannot be everywhere at once, people

Only it seems like I am lately.

(That was a Hamilton reference, for the record. I've more or less given up communicating like a normal person in favor of expressing myself through Lin Manuel-Miranda's brilliant lyrics.)

It's full-tilt book launch season, so a flurry of articles, excerpts, and reviews are popping up left and right.

Leave a comment at this piece for Fidelia's Sisters for a chance to win a copy of Very Married.

It was downright fun to write this light-hearted look at our worst moments for the Art of Simple.

An excerpt from the book is the current cover article for the Christian Century.

And, holy cow, this editorial blew me away.

Publishers Weekly gave the book a rave review, and so did Joel Miller, a Mennonite pastor from Ohio.

I'm a bit weary, to be honest. This stage is exhausting - but also exciting. To have poured so much into this project and be at the place where it's actually going out into the world... whoosh.

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