Tired, Happy, Grateful: Book Release Day

It's book release day!

I'm so tired, so happy, so grateful.

A lot of people have done a lot to support the book, and to support me, and I feel it.

Very Married: Field Notes on Love & Fidelity is currently the #1 new release in Love & Marriage. Amazon is sold out, though Herald Press shipped more boxes out today.

I had a wonderful conversation with Anita Lustrea on Faith Conversations.

My friend Susannah DeBenedetto prepared a fantastic discussion guide for church groups and book clubs, or even individuals.

Christie Purifoy, in her review for Amazon, wrote this:
Those of us who have spent any time in Christian churches in recent years will no doubt be aware that beliefs about marriage and interpretations of relevant Bible passages can vary enormously. The greatest achievement of this book is that it will be relevant, useful, and appealing to readers on all sides of those debates. It does this not by avoiding those areas of disagreement - Pershey is clear about her views and eager to explain her reasoning - but by consistently reminding us of how much all Christians can agree upon when it comes to the beauty and significance of marriage. My favorite thing about Very Married is that it treats the Bible with the utmost seriousness, and yet it never forgets the particular challenges of married life in our culture and our time.
Reading her words, I realized that I have another layer of hope lurking beneath my primary hope, which is that Very Married will help individuals and couples. I also hope that the book will help the Church, that it will build up the Body of Christ precisely because I intentionally and relentlessly chose to honor the "other side" even as I wholeheartedly and unapologetically name where I stand.

Thank you, dear friends and readers. Today is one for the books.

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