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I've had a few pieces published recently:

Marriage Counseling: the best investment we ever made 
A few weeks ago, I was checking in with friends on social media when a tweet caught my attention. “A special shout-out to the therapists,” Jes Kast wrote. “You’re doing some holy work. I thank God for my therapist each week. Grateful for the work y’all do!” As I murmured an earnest amen and registered my agreement by clicking on the heart icon, I remembered how very differently I reacted to a similar acknowledgment years ago. In the midst of a discussion in graduate school, a classmate referred to her therapist. I was, in a word, mortified.
It’s all well and good if you need to see a counselor, I thought. But you should at least have the decency to keep such a shameful secret to yourself.

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Dressing for the job without looking like somebody else 
If all of the articles of clothing mentioned in the Bible could be plucked from the page and draped on hangers, they could fill a small wardrobe. There’s Joseph’s coat of many colors and John’s shirt of camel hair. There’s the garments of salvation, the robes of righteousness, the ash-stained sackcloths of aggrieved kings. There’s a lovely set of wedding clothes that have never been worn. (What the unprepared guest at the wedding banquet would have done to have them in his rucksack when he received his last-minute invitation!) Stashed away on the top shelf, behind the belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness, is Jeremiah’s threadbare loincloth, so stained with metaphorical filth not even Fels Naptha soap could restore it. 
Pondering these biblical garments makes me feel a bit better about something: in general, I fail to follow Jesus’s advice not to worry about what I will wear. 
...continue reading at the Christian Century. 

I also talked to Tsh Oxenreider of the Simple Show about all things marriage, and got happy about some great new reviews of the book, including this one from Bob Cornwall and this one from Melanie Springer Mock for Mennonite World Review.

And then there was this gem of a tweet that made my day. :)

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